Why St. Bernard's?

Mission Statement - St. Bernard Parish, a Catholic community, 
seeks to make Christ present in all we say and do.

At the heart of success at St. Bernard Catholic School are the committed and supportive parents. As the primary educators of their children, they receive both school and parish support. Our community works together to educate and cultivate young people to become caring and conscientious adults who will be the future leaders of the community and the country. As an extended family, outreach is offered to those who suffer hardships or need some reprieve from eminent difficulties. At St. Bernard, support is also received from many parishioners who once had children enrolled in the school and continue to support a parochial education for present and future generations. Without our parish support, we could not exist.

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Enrollment Statistics

St. Bernard School will not enroll more than 25 students in any grade, other than Pre-Kindergarten.

Enrollment statistics for 2014-2015 - 180 students

Faculty Facts

  • Total Teaching Faculty - 13 Full Time

  • Average Numbers of years in Education - 18.4 

  • Average Number of years in Catholic System - 14

  • Average Number of years at St. Bernard School - 13.4

  • Total years of staff teaching experience - 187

Faith Development

  • Weekly liturgy – All school Mass 8:10am every Thursday morning, unless there is a Holy Day during that week.  All school Mass will be held on the Holy Day when applicable.

  • Daily morning prayer.

  • Rosary every Tuesday morning.  Everyone is welcome for quiet reflection in the Chapel at 7:30, rosary begins at 7:35

  • Altar Server, and altar server training beginning in 5th grade

  • Weekly assemblies during Advent and Lent

  • Sacramental preparation including First Reconciliation, First Holy Communion and Confirmation.

  • Stations of the Cross and Holy Adoration during Lent.

  • Each homeroom plans and assists with one school Mass each quarter.

Teacher Awards - Our teachers have won numerous awards.

Mrs. Gillpatrick - Archdiocesan Educator of the Year - Special Education and Inner City

25 Years of Teaching at St. Bernard-Mrs. Peyton 
25 Years of Teaching at St. Bernard-Ms. Lamoureux

Mrs. Dopheide chosen as "Teacher of the Week" pm Star 104.5.

Mrs. Gillpatrick honored for 25 years of service at St. Bernard's.

Mrs. Peyton was chosen to attend Fossil Finders Program, at Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, a 2-year summer program.

Mrs. Peyton was chosen to attend Deep Earth Academy School of Rock at Texas A&M. 17 chosen out of hundreds of applications. Studied core samples from ocean floors.

Teacher of the Year-Margie Galles

Teacher of the Year-Mrs. Marcia Regan

25 Years of Teaching at St. Bernard-Miss Judy Hermsen 
25 Years of Teaching at St. Bernard-Mrs. Carol Holtzman
Teacher of the Year-Mrs. Ann Adkins

Service Award-Mrs. Marcia Regan

25 Years of Teaching at St. Bernard-Miss Maureen Lamoureux
25 Years of Teaching at St. Bernard-Mrs. Helen Peyton

Maury Program-Mrs. Helen Peyton

Research Based Science Education Program-Mrs. Helen Peyton

Outstanding Catechist in a 5-day School-Mrs. Marcia Regan
NASA Study Program at Dryden Research Facility in California-Mrs. Helen Peyton

Archdiocesan Teacher of the Year for Metro Elementary Schools-Mrs. Helen Peyton
Creative Educator Award-Mrs. Helen Peyton

Discipline With Purpose

St. Bernard is a Discipline With Purpose School. The faculty and staff work with students to foster self-discipline skills. We see children as responsible for their own behavior and the teachers teach skills to the children that help them learn self-discipline. 

Skills taught in the Pre-kindergarten and Primary grades center on: 

1. Listening 
2. Following Instructions 
3. Asking Questions 
4. Sharing 
5. Social Skills

Skills taught in the Intermediate grades focus on: All of the above, plus: 

1. Cooperation 
2. Understanding Reasons for Rules 
3. Choosing Procedures of Accomplishing a Task 
4. Leadership 
5. Social Skills

Skills taught in Junior High grades focus on: All of the above, plus: 

1. Organizing Time 
2. Working With Others to Resolve Problems 
3. Taking the Initiative to Solve Problems 
4. Separating Fact from Fiction
5. Serving Others

Discipline at St. Bernard follows an age-appropriate approach. Primary children are generally taught using the need for respect, kindness, safety, etc. The time-out method is effective. That time is sometimes spent in the office, but that is a rarity.

Intermediate students are disciplined on a demerit system. Most instances involve incomplete or missing work. Contact is made with parents are a determined point, and students are required to finish work at school when deemed necessary.

At the Middle School level a system called the “Tiger Card” is used.  Each student carries a card with them to all classes.  If a student persists in inappropriate behavior, they are given a signature by the teacher with a brief explanation of the behavior.  Students who receive 5 signatures are assigned Monday morning detention.  Students who have served a detention are assigned a next detention if they collect 3 more signatures.  A student who has served 2 detentions will be assigned a detention with each additional signature.  Parents will be called and a meeting will be set up after a student has been assigned 2 detentions.  Students who go for 2 weeks without a signature can meet with the Principal and have a signature removed.  The principal will keep track of all signatures in the office.  A student’s signature count will go from the beginning of school and end at Christmas Break.  All students will begin with 0 signatures following Christmas break, and the count will continue until the end of the school year.

Lunch Program

St. Bernard Catholic School has their own cafeteria which provides a daily hot lunch for all students.  Sue Keyser, cafeteria manager, is always looking for volunteers who are willing to assist with serving lunches.  No special food service training is required, but volunteers must be Safe Environment trained. Please contact the school office if you are interested in volunteering in the cafeteria (402)553-4993.

St. Bernard students can apply for free and reduced lunches.  Forms for application can be obtained in the school office.

Daily lunch is $2. Milk is $.40 each.


School uniforms are available at Dennis Uniform.
DENNIS Omaha - http://www.dennisuniform.com
726-740 North 109th Court, Omaha, Nebraska 68154
402-496-9911 or 888-496-9911

Boys code:
Navy blue trousers in twill, polyester or corduroy can be worn. they should not have rivets, trim or designs on them.

Girls code:
Maroon, Navy and hunter green plaid skort for girls in grade K-8. Maroon or green polo style knit shirt (long or short sleeved) with button placket and collar; White, navy blue, maroon or hunter green knee-highs, bobby socks or tights. Socks will be crew style (with approximate six inch tops). Hose may be worn in sandals on dress-up days. 

Tennis shoes need to be clean and fit well. No boots, sandals, flip-flops, clogs, shoes without backs or bedroom slippers may be worn in school on uniform days. Girls may also wear slacks and shorts.

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